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Our Story

Inspired Movement began as a one women show, with lead instructor Lisa Came conducting Pilates classes from a home based setting. Fast-forward 9 years later and we have collected amazing instructors, added additional class such as Yoga, Cardio Core and specialised Pilates, expanded studios and gained new equipment along the way. 

In our journey to assist as many people as possible with their movement goals, whether it be post-rehabilitation care to athletic conditioning and functional training, we have always remained committed to our clients overall wellbeing. We truly love and cherish our movement family. 

What sets us apart from other fitness studios and professionals is our one-to-one care, each client who books with us is seen as a special new addition to our community, who brings new joy, insights and maybe new challenges to us. This community spirit has been carried along with us into the digital age. Now that we have given up our physical premises does not mean our attention to each member waivers. When signing up with us whether it be for live online or video classes you are still held accountable, instructed to the best of our ability and your goals become a priority of ours. 

Lisa's motto is, " when a client signs up, we want to get to know them, their strengths, weaknesses, drivers and demoralisers. It's your job to teach them but to also be their ear, shoulder and rock when needed. Every instructor should know every clients dogs name, even if they have only been with us online."

For more information about our different instructors or class styles please pop over to our blog page, or sign up for our latest newsletter.

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