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30 Day Reset Challenge

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To be honest, I'm feeling a little disappointed in myself because my first week did not go as planned. Not enough exercising and I didn't stick to any eating plan however I did include healthier snacks and drank more water and herbal tea than normal. I'm feeling very over worked which is something I can't change, all the much, right now. I did manage a great yoga routine last night and prepared some home made salt scrub. Looking to a much better week ahead.

Lisa Came
Jessie Buxton
Melanie Love
Jessie Buxton
Jessie Buxton
Nov 06, 2023

It's a new week to try again! You are not alone...I also didn't have the week I had hoped. I've been sick with a chest infection so I managed next to no workouts! So i'm frustrated. But I managed to stick to my eating plan, so that's one small victory. And your victory was your hydration and healthy snacking. For me personally, even though we are on a 30 day challenge, I NEED to make sure it can fit into a lifestyle for me. And a lifestyle is all about balance in the long run. So I am using this time to "find my feet" for the long term. And I am sure that will involve both ups and downs. You've got this, try again x I'm not sure how you do it, but for me I bought all my meal stuff the Sunday before and prepped a lot of my food so I had no excuse to eat anything else. It helped me a lot.



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