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30 Day Reset Challenge

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This Smoothie is so delicious!

I have really been enjoying the meals, the chickpea salad was so yummy! I won't fib, I had a piece of chocolate on Monday, and a mince pie yesterday! Leftover nonsense from the weekend, hoping next week to have a really "clean week".

I made the mexican bowl for dinner last night ( I added a bit of tomato paste) We are a pescatarian so will just omit the chicken from the meals and see how I go.

I am struggling to prioritise the exercise, I did 15 mins on Monday and went for a lovely long walk yesterday. I love pilates so definitely want to try get in on those.

Still figuring out how to access the videos on demand.

How is everyone doing?

Lisa Came
Bronwyn  Petzer
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Nov 01, 2023

Ahh I love seeing the meals ! And I love hearing that you have been enjoying them! Well done on really dedicating yourself to this, you are doing so well. 👏



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