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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Hi everyone 👋

I just wrote a whole post and then hit back instead of post 😅

So, take 2!

I'm a mom of 2 girls, 10 & 2yo, a teacher and a wife.

I moved to Brunei 2 years ago - a country smaller than Jhb on the island of Borneo.

The food here is good, and it definitely shows in my expanded waistline!

I've joined this challenge to get fit and lose some weight so that I can fit back into my jeans when we're home in December when will hopefully experience some cooler weather than here on the equator.

I'm looking forward to this journey 😁

Jessie Buxton
Melanie Love
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Oct 31, 2023

Hi Talana,

It's so great to hear about you! Thanks for introducing yourself. I hope you have fun on this challenge and come over for a visit feeling fit and confident. 😊 I see you were struggling to find the meal plan, it is in your "steps' for the challenge, you will see one of the steps is listed as week 1 meal plan. If you struggle to find it please pop me a message and I can help 😊



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