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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Hi guys! I'm 11 weeks Post Partum and go back to work in 5 days. Very unmotivated but I have to do this! I have 20kgs to lose! I'm also from Port Alfred but living in Doha! Hoping Lisa can wip my butt in gear!

Sarah Long
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Sep 06, 2023

Hahaha, congratulations on your little one 😄! Please just make sure you are doing the post partum friendly workouts ( which also can include the preggie workouts) and I have an interested vlog with a midwife as one of the videos on demand where we discuss exercising post-partum too!

Also if you are breast feeding you may need to add an extra snack or two just to keep your calories up a little. Breastfeeding utilizes around 600 extra calories per day which is a main meal and snack extra according to the way my meal plan is structured.

Other than all of that, LETS GO! You've got this !!



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