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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Hey everyone, I am on day 3!

It has been SUCH a challenge, definitely not the best time for me to have started the 30 day reset but I did start and am serious about following through. I have had a super sick baby for the last week and as a result she has not been eating which resulted in me not eating and sleep has always been an issue for us in this household!

So I have struggled to keep up with the meal plan but am also adjusting it now to fit in with our family and trying to stick to my eating goals going forward. I did my first workout and absolutely loved it!!! It totally motivated me and put a smile on my face after a really difficult week with a super sick toddler and super sick baby calf.

Over all things are looking good.

Good luck to everyone else :)

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Jessie Buxton
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Jessie Buxton
Jessie Buxton
Oct 31, 2023

I also feel like I didn't start at the best time. 3/4 of us are sick. Including me! But I am also persisting. Regarding meal plans, my kids are so fussy, they end up eating either a bovril sandwich or nuggets and chips most nights. So I am using this meal plan adventure to hopefully open their pallets to other things too. Otherwise they can just keep eating their usual while I finally focus on me! They can eat chips and nuggets for a month, they will be in heaven hahaha



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