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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Hi all the challengers,

For many of you this is your last week! So well done to committing to your health and wellness for the last few weeks 👏

I'm sure many of you are noticing changes in your body, your mindset and your lifestyle which is exactly what I designed the program for. You should be able to take the tools and skills you learnt here and apply them everyday, long after the challenge is over!

If you have struggled this time around, don't worry, we all have different challenges going on and certain seasons of our lives are made for certain things. I encourage you to take the recipes and the meal plan and try to apply it to your everyday life and perhaps instead of doing a challenge, start to make daily healthier choices.

Well done team 🙌

Please let me know how you are doing, how you are feeling and if you are feeling brave perhaps you could share your before and after pictures at the end of the week!

Danielle Joubert


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