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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Hi lovely challenge participants,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend full of healthy, nourishing choices.

I'm just popping in again to give you some encouragement for the week ahead. I've had some one on one conversations with some of you and Ive noticed from your daily check ins that the meal's seem to be the most difficult aspect for many of you.

Here are some helpful tips to nail the meals:

- Shop on the weekend and formalise your list ( if you forget something it can throw your whole week out later on )

- Prep on a Sunday or the beginning of the week. Do some extra chicken breasts and keep them in the fridge, pre-chop salad goodies to throw them together, steam more veggies than necessary and have them for lunch the next day.

- If the meal plan seems overwhelming, pick two or three recipes that you are enjoying or are easy to accomplish and just rinse and repeat meals for the whole week.

I hope you are all enjoying the challenge and that you are starting to see some good habits forming and some old ones disappearing.

If you feel that you need some extra support or one on one advice please get hold of me on 0834095833 or here on this chat. Im here to help and I want each of you to succeed.

Lets tackle this week with renewed energy :)

Natalie Coetzer


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