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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Hi Everyone!

I am a stay at home Mom at the moment as my profession of being an emergency department nursing sister does not accomodate family life in my opinion, I would be paying someone to look after my children literally all day and they would probs have to live in!

I have 2 children aged 5 and 9 months old, and am finding it challenging getting my groove back.

I feel uncomfortable in my clothes and would love to lose a bit of weight to feel comfy again and tone up these arms!

I also need to break some bad habits I started ( adding sugar to my tea) and eating all the leftover scraps off my childrens plate!

I love food and am usually quite health conscious.

Am looking forward to getting back on track with all of you😄

Jessie Buxton
Lisa Came
Danielle Joubert
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Oct 30, 2023

You sound like you have a lot going on with all your kiddies and it is hard to find a healthy routine for yourself while running after everyone else. But I'm glad you are giving it a go and we are here to keep you motivated and on track!



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