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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Also...we made the chickpea and chicken salad last night. Oh my, it was delicious. I did add some low fat plain yogurt tzatziki to it and it just made it zing! One thing this meal plan is already showing me, is that we don't eat nearly enough vegetables as a family. I think catering to two fussy kids over time has made us choose more of their options than ours, and slowly over time we do less and less veggies. Gosh, before kids, we never even ate bread! How times change. But it's so good to be reminded of how much life needs to change to suit everyone, not just the kids.

Lisa Came
Melanie Love
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Nov 02, 2023

Ah I'm glad you loved it! I often feel like people get into a rut with eating and don't try new things or branch out a little, especially if we are feeding kids! It's always nice to try new things or use everyday ingredients in different ways.



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