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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Some of what today looked like. I prepped the brekkie for tomorrow, am busy making the chickpea wraps( i added some garlic powder and turmeric to my batter)

I had rice cakes and a smoothie bowl for lunch.

Mondays are my crazy day trying to reset my house and get organised buuuut its so flipping difficult at the moment with my kiddos.

I feel like Im on a hamster wheel trying to keep up but going nowhere.

Anywaaaay, I still havent managed much more than walking exercise wise.

But I will find a way eventually.

I know we all have struggles but we are doing what we can, lets keep trying.

Jessie Buxton
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Nov 08, 2023

Well done!! It's all looking amazing 👏 perhaps trying finding one of the live online classes that may work in your schedule? Often having the accountability of a live class helps get us going!



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