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30 Day Reset Challenge

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Hi guys !

My daughter has been coughing for the last 2 days , so I haven't gotten much sleep . Which is making it more difficult to get up early to exercise.. but we are persisting !!

I thought I'd share a trick that has been working for me when trying to drink more water . Since my pregnancy I've been getting nauseous when drinking normal water. The cold brew carmien tea range has been amazing! It's sugar free , tastes really good and it's all rooibos .

Lisa Came
Jess Pearse
Jessie Buxton
Melanie Love
Lisa Came
Lisa Came
Oct 31, 2023

Thank you so much for sharing! I also love the Carmien range, even their cold brew range is delicious! So sorry to hear about another sick baba, but hopefully they all get better soon.



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